Knowledge ensures quality. This is why the first step in valve care consists of testing the shut-off valves, pressure safety valves (PSV) and control valves. The knowledge we gather from these tests is valuable because we can see if more regular maintenance is needed. These precautionary measures ultimately save our clients a lot of time and reduce costs in the long run. 


Before blasting, the parts of the valves, pressure safety valves and control valves enter the blasting cabin. The parts are manually blasted in this cabin. When inorganic contamination is present, blasting also works well to remove it. The parts are then slightly roughened. The degree of roughening is determined by the blasting method and the set pressure.

Spraying and stellitizing

For the application of a hardened finish layer on plugs and seats, we provide our customers with spraying and stellitizing services. For the specialized welding work that is involved, we have the right people available in the workshop and on site (onshore and offshore).


Disassembly, inspection & verification

We perform a comprehensive inspection of the parts. We document these by means of photographs, so that we can fall back on them at a later stage. In addition, we check the documents, including the cleanliness declaration. After completing the inspection it is up to our specialists to take care of disassembling the shut-off valves, pressure safety valves and control valves. 


We also regularly provide spraying of the shut-off valves, pressure safety valves and control valves. The way this is done can be specified by our clients, but for example also based on factory specifications. It is also possible to apply specific paint systems (consisting of multiple layers) to the parts.


After maintenance on the valve it is time to take care of the certification. We are accredited to do this. It saves a lot of time and money because we can do this in-house and the valve does not have to be moved. After certification, it is delivered to the site with the official documentation.