Constructional welder at Multimetaal

We advise you on the design and manufacturability of custom-made constructions and (pressure) piping systems for onshore and offshore purposes.

Thanks to our years of experience you can also contact us when you are looking for advice on, for example, the following points:

  • Translate a wish or idea into a feasible design:
      • Test whether a supplied design can be executed more cost-efficiently in terms of choice of materials and/or manufacturing process.
      • Assess whether a design meets legal requirements.
  • Determine potential delaying factors and advise on control measures.
  • Install on site. Consider accessibility (scaffolding), lifting points, safety, choice of required materials and tools.
  • Determine the composition and size of the installation team on site.
  • About the lead time and critical paths (coherence) of the different parts and activities of a project.
  • Inventory of the hazards and preconditions on site. Such as working in confined spaces and at heights and dealing with hazardous substances.