Every day we provide periodic inspections, maintenance and overhaul of machinery, pressure-containing process equipment, fittings and rotating equipment. To do this properly, we have professional workshops, modern testing facilities and our own certification service.

We service all makes of valves. We also carry out inspections and maintenance on site, both onshore and offshore in the Netherlands and abroad. We are located 3 minutes from Den Helder Airport. This means that our quick response service team can quickly fly to offshore locations.

We are increasingly seeing that maintenance is chosen over the replacement of pipes, valves and constructions. This is actually quite logical, as it costs less time and money to periodically give existing assets a good service.

Most of our clients choose to schedule periodic maintenance with us in advance. This provides three benefits:

Predictable safety

The safety of a production facility becomes predictable when regular inspections are performed on the pipes, valves and other metal parts of constructions. Detecting wear and tear early is essential if you want to avoid dangerous situations.

Reducing downtime

Downtime is a costly issue for any production facility. Therefore, you want to keep it as short as possible. When maintenance is chosen, it often saves several weeks compared to months of downtime.

Planning for renovations

Of course, we understand better than anyone that renovations are inevitable in certain situations. In practice, however, we believe that predicting the need for renovations is better accomplished when regular maintenance is performed as standard and when integrity is guaranteed.