We are a reliable partner in the preparation for the removal of platforms and jackets.

neptune L10

The work we perform in the field of decommissioning includes:

  • Welding engineering
  • Work preparation
  • Removal and inspection of lifting points
  • Placing and welding of new lifting points
  • Cutting free of the topside/jacket
  • Flange management w.o. torque and tensioning work for the purpose of sealing pipes
  • And many other preparatory works

We perform this work in such a way that the platform is prepared for lifting and transport in a safe and clean manner.

Besides the work on the platform, we make (reinforcement) constructions that are necessary to lift the platform. They are manufactured in the workshop and installed offshore by our employees.

We are specialists in the field of valve care and regularly assist in sealing valves. We also provide advice on the reuse of these resources.

Finally, we make fittings for securing the platform or jacket on transport ships.