Everyone within Multimetaal has the responsibility to engage in and contribute to HSE performance and is aware of our strategy. This is simple and effective. This make sure that is paid attention to on a daily basis in every layer of our organization. Our HSE strategy consists of three essential elements that are inextricably linked: 



We ensure that we do everything possible to prevent accidents, in whatever form. We do this by following the set guidelines and using our common sense. Periodic training keeps us up to date with the latest regulations. But taking responsibility for health goes beyond merely preventing accidents. The physical and mental well-being of our colleagues is something we cherish. That is why we ensure that the right conditions and facilities are consistently available to safeguard everyone’s health.



In our field of work, we are often faced with repairs that ensure protection of the environment. Performing preventive maintenance on pipes and valves prevents leaks of environmentally harmful substances on land or at sea. We are available for repairs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The disposal of our working materials and their destruction is done in the best possible way in which we act as sustainably as possible.
In addition to making our working methods more sustainable, we actively contribute to sustainability by providing companies with services that help them make the transition towards more sustainable energy.



Safety is key in everything we do. We ensure safety by identifying the risks present, and then acting in such a way as to reduce them. This is in the interests of the companies and employees we work for, as well as our own reputation and the safety of our people. We ensure that we continuously increase our knowledge in the area of risks at every level within Multimetaal. This is done through training on a periodic basis, but also sharing knowledge and experience within the teams on a daily basis.