Collaboration proved itself again in this project. Multimetaal treated the support points of a helicopter deck at a location in the North Sea with preservative. Working together with two more partners from COP, we proved that time and bed space can be gained when working as a team. Steigerbouw van der Panne guaranteed the safe workplace. The mechanical work was carried out by Multimetaal and the preservation was done by SSB Offshore.

A tool developed by the operator and Enerseas was used to lift the helideck (± 8 cm).
In the 14 days in which this work was planned, there was time left to carry out some additional work. The key point here was for it to be possible to receive any helicopters wanting to land. In practice this meant that the tool had to lower the deck and then raise it again after the helicopter had departed. The availability of the helicopter deck is a safety item.


  • Type of assignment/work: Construction, overhaul, repairs, fabric maintenance.
  • Onshore of offshore: Offshore
  • Location: Gas production platform in the North Sea