In early 2021, we received a request from Neptune to replace the PIGTRAP hinge. The hinge showed obvious signs of wear and tear, making the door impossible to move.

To prepare for this as well as possible, one of our supervisors went on a daytrip to the L10A to record the work on the riser platform. An estimation of the work was 2 days.

After the work planner Coen Klassen had prepared the work package, the work was handed over to two of our service colleagues who were to carry out the work.

Roy Aartsen and JP Pruimboom carried out the work on site, namely removing the old hinge, cleaning the rotating parts, replacing the door, aligning/adjusting the door so that it could be opened and closed safely. And last but not least touch up painting.

Staff on site spoke of a professional approach with the quality that comes with it.


  • Type of assignment: Replace PIGTRAP hinge
  • Onshore or offshore: Offshore
  • Location: North Sea
  • Customer: Neptune