45 years of experience

Tackling challenges, developing new products, solving problems: that’s our specialism, and we’ve been doing it for 45 years now. Multimetaal was founded in 1973 and has its premises in the industrial heart of Den Helder. The emergence at that time of the oil and gas industry in the North Sea resulted in a great deal of welding and maintenance work. Multimetaal soon developed into a leading supplier for the oil, gas, wind, petrochemical and maritime industry.

From maintenance and construction…

In order to reduce the installation time on projects and work more efficiently, there was an increasing demand for prefabricated construction over the course of years. By responding effectively to this requirement, we were able to further increase the range of our service offering and our capacity.

… to a full service company

Since then we have developed into a full service company. We are responsible for design, fabrication, installation and all aspects of maintenance. To help ensure projects run as smoothly and as effectively as possible, we are able to arrange the process from end-to-end: planning, purchase, logistics, tests, certification and turn-key delivery of the project. It goes without saying we follow the applicable safety instructions and wishes of the client at all times.

Sustainable energy

Within the energy sector we have extended our expertise over recent years to include renewable energy. Besides the energy sector, we also serve the maritime industry where our services are primarily in demand for projects that require expertise in special welding processes during fabrication and installation work.